a view of the Longfellow Bridge from the Boston Community Boating area

Longfellow Bridge

The Longfellow Bridge and the Cambridge skyline around Kendall Square are seen from alongside the Community Boathouse in Boston, Mass. The Charles River consumes most of the foreground. I had quite a stream of people take an interest. At one point there was a group of about five in back of me watching my progress. I got at least a couple of requests for a picture which I granted. One guy said he might be interested in buying and I told him I might sell. He said he'd come back after sunset, but I left before then and never saw him. I parked across the bridge in Cambridge. At one point a woman kneeled in front of me to take a photo. It would have been interesting to put her in the picture but she was there for too short a time.

The woman with the camera got me to thinking, and I later thought referring to myself as a ``human camera'' might be an interesting marketing approach. I thought I brought a lot more to my images than a mechanical camera did.

Charles River Series #7

October 26, 1996

Ashdown House, M.I.T. Introduction Boston Skyline